le Me: Berburu Roshan

Here’s a photo of le Me, imagining as a Warcraft DotA hero, Jah’rakal just before fighting with the Roshan. I used to play DotA a lot during my college time and early work life as a freshy. I realized that this had taken much of my time, so I decided to quit. So, here’s a post to memorize those fun time with friends!

“Jah’rakal: Hunting Roshan”

The Troll Warlord is a pure fighter, able to attack from a distance or up close, where he becomes stronger overall and may also bash. He capitalizes on attack speed, being able to strike and move quickly, as well as enhance his allies to sometimes do the same. Jah’rakal can also Blind his opponents, making it difficult for them to land attacks. Additionally, successive attacks landed on a target enable greater focus for Jah’rakal, greatly increasing his attack speed. If he is able to acquire items and momentum soon enough, there aren’t many fighters who can best him.

nb: the picture of  le me is taken in Henderson Wave, Singapore.

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