Master of Business Administration explained in the MBAtour event

Yesterday I attended the Singapore MBA tour event in Marina Mandarin hotel Singapore. This was the last session of the tour held by the consortium (at to broadcast information related to Master of Business Administration program, especially the program that are ran by the consortium members, including INSEAD, NUS, University of Melbourne, and other US University like Indiana University.

The event itself divided into three sessions, two panel discussion sessions (each session is running two topics), and one session dedicated for schools presentation.

I was attending two discussions, one was about GMAT strategy, while the other was Alumni Sharing.
Here are some QAs that I remembered of:
Q:1 year or 2 year MBA?
A: It depends. If you are freshy or tend to change Industry, it’s better to attend mba with Internship (2 year). But if you tend to come back to the same industry that you’re experienced in, take 1 year program.

Q:When is the best time to attend MBA program?
A:Better you understand what you want to do in coming years (goals), then attend MBA (after several years of working exp.)

Q:full time or part time?
A:for full time basis, prepare to have a tight bonding with you colleagues in MBA class as you are going to work with them almost every day.
Better to have one year leave out of the office to attend MBA (full time), unless you are unable to have it (company needs to deliver product, and you’re the only person that could make it)
In part time course, prepare to have efficient discussion with peers as you don’t have much time.

Part time MBA is only encouraged if it’s being paid by the company.
Actually there are three types of MBA program:
1. Executive MBA, you are the executive of a company, and you need to improve yourself in managerial sector. It requires 8-10 years of working experiences to attend this class.

2.General MBA, basically it is for the generalist. Don’t care what industry you were working, don’t care what functions/role you were engaged in. You attend this class to improve your ability to better manage people (either it is only yourself or subordinates). Commonly it requires 2 years of working exp., but actually there are few MBA classes that don’t require working experiences.

3. Specialized MBA, this class is only purposed for them who are going to focus their career in a specific role (marketing, finance, etc.), or in a specific industry (I don’t have good example for this type). Also, lately there are some Master classes in other major, like engineering or Art, that are extensible to MBA, for example like the one I planned to attend, Master of Knowledge Management in Nanyang Technology University (NTU)

Basically the difference between General MBA and Specialized MBA lies in the top position role you’re reaching for. General MBA is designed for CEO (chief executive officer) type of people, while specialized MBA is for them who like to be CFO (chief finance officer), CIO (chief information officer), COO (chief operational officer), and CTO (chief technology officer).

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