The Reconstruction of Social Mindset

So in the era of information, people get used to engage on social media apps, like twitter. There, they can do almost anything the want, gather as many information they like, and especially to share any idea or data that they think useful,  cool or even funny. Here’s the main power, they actually can choose to follow any friends that are popular, or tends to give good information to them. Often, they stop following another users that give trashy tweets or words. Unconsciously, this list of information is shaping their mindset. So, if they read information about good promotion in a nearby place, most probably they would go there. It’s a big deal, I think. This can help us to unravel the mystery of marketing science. On another word, if we can compile the list of what a twitter user read on their twitter client, we can (with a help of assumptions) extract their mindset. Moreover, if they are active users, the process of this called “mindset extraction” can be better accurate.

Here, the idea is to create a portal that inputs a valid twitter username, then tries to compile the list of tweets from its following users that they possibly read (in a realtime, of course).


Potential obstacle

So after we know who are the twitter users that a user is following, next action is to compile all the tweets in a timeline. So, what if one of the users is a private users.

-> Here we need to create a dummy twitter user that tries to follow all the user in the twitterland. So that our engine is always able to see what any people say in twitter, via this dummy user.

“Actually, twitter limits the number of following that a user can do (compared to its follower)”

Another problem is when the user blocks tweets from one or more users from their twitter client, we aren’t exactly able to know. It’s become a problem because we made assumption that these tweets also shape the mindset, while actually they are not (because the users never see these tweets). Maybe a very complex Artificial Intelligent (AI) algorithm could solve the problem. Basically it is to smartly assume the interaction between a user (A) and another user that it follows (B). For instance, supposed that if user B mentions user A in the tweets, and they always be ignored. Here, we can roughly assume that the user B is blocked by user A. It’s a very raw example actually.

I don’t know exactly how to implement this, maybe just like I said before, it’s complex! 🙂

*this simple idea is too fancy, I know, to reach the goal of extracting mindset from people. But maybe starting from this basic idea, and to expand it to even bigger realm of logical, it becomes possible.

* has actually made this possible to see what other user see on their timeline. Goto: ,choose tab Following, then click View as Following.

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