Twitter status update via curl

Sometimes,,you just need to waste your time just to sending status update to your twitter.

Here’s my suggestion to make your wasting time more wasted :),, by sending twitter status update via curl in bash scripting environment.

vi, and write this bunch of code :

/usr/local/bin/curl --basic --proxy --user $1:$2 --data status="$3"

Then save the file using (:wq!)
give chmod +x to your script
Here you can call your script using :
./ username passwd "your status"

I recommend to use (“) in your status,,,so that the script can detect that everything in between ” is your status..

have fun !

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One response to “Twitter status update via curl”

  1. antonrifco says :

    you can add this code :
    ./ username passwd “your status” > /dev/null

    to silent the operation.

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