Yahoo Hack Day submit

In the era of globalization, people tends to meet another people from different country, culture, and most probably (and usually most annoyingly) different language. Here I propose the idea to have a single framework for social media platform that can translate everything to our language preference. And by everything here, I mean the platform should be able to translate every posting from our friends and followee (people that we follow).

In the mean time, from last night work, I’m just able to develop the application for twitter user. Next I’ll try to collaborate with another source of social media platform (like Yahoo MeMe, Google Wave, Facebook, and another (perhaps it will be open for dynamic service addition, just like the concept of Pidgin Messenger)).

The basic idea of this application is mostly supported by YQL (Yahoo Query Language). Here I’m using Open Data Table (ODT) to translate with google translate. Why Google? Because, nowadays, I think they have supported most language in the earth ( I’ll try BabelFish soon as they translate Indonesian language ;P ).

To access twitter, I directly access twitter API in their site. And last but not the least, I use YQL IP geolocator to retrieve information about the user (language preference advise). But of course they can alse change their preference manually. Thanks for giving us chance to hacking this day. Good day,


try at :


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I was born after we celebrate youngman promise about their commitment to this country

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