Jahrakal kills 132 on dotA Allstars 6.57 AI plus

While playing dota Allstars, I was always wondering how many “maximum” kills could I get during a game. So I began this project, to demonstrate an average of maximum killings of a hero.

For this, I played in 6.57 AI plus Map by Icefrog with a several conditions :

  • Jahrakal is being used in this game



  • Insane Enemies are not randomed, I chose them (in a condition that no one is stunner or hooker). The line-up is Mortred, Abbadon, Purist, Bloodseeker, and Jakiro

mortred abbadon purist stygwyr jakiro

  • Gamemode -apnpnest . Why st? I decided “super tower” mode, so that the game will last longer.
  • 4 versus 5

During the game, I started to go up-lane, until level 4 or 5 (in this level, I should be having Helm of Dominator). Then go jungling until level 10 (in this level, I should be having 3 neutral creeps owned with HoD). Then go Roshan…

After Roshan being killed, you should easily predict how I owned the game. Hehehe !!

The trick in this “more-than-100-killings” is that you have to wait enemies in their Home (base), so that you can kill-em-all. If you think that your creeps or ally will destroy the tower, you must let enemy hero to push them back (so that game will give you more time to kill :D).

Actually, I did two of this. With the other one, I just got 98 kills with the same mode, different enemies. So I think the number of kills we get depends also on enemies.

From this experiment, I think we can kill up to 100 heroes in a normal game mode (without super-tower thing), because we will get lesser time to do more. To do so, you have to control the situation so that enemy’s towers are not destroyed until you get enough kills.



nb: you can download the replay here

So, further question is can we do this on “normal-with-real-people” game? 🙂

*please tell me if you did that.

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9 responses to “Jahrakal kills 132 on dotA Allstars 6.57 AI plus”

  1. Harx says :

    I don’t think u can do that with real people, me myself using jahrakal against ai the same map with u made 171 kill with no dead

  2. antonrifco says :

    woohh cool.

    But actually I’ve done a match in which I kill 40

  3. HellScream or jahrakal says :

    awesome dude ur cool but those were bots but still that was cool. but no ones better than me(the true troll warlord)

  4. { $oÜL }™ says :

    khub trollllllll.. stunner haru bho bhaney troll is gone dude . DotA is all about team work so troll is only one man army not a gang bang so troll’s nothin dude lol that was not a GG boy. youre also a beginer i think.

  5. iceman says :

    i love DotA it is so awesome game 😉

  6. makad memo says :

    i made 152 kills. it is not difficult with bot. but need supertowers.
    generate high damage items with Hod,then generate gold, then n njoy

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