Erepublik Online

Erepublik, as described by co-founder Alexis Bonte, is “a massive online multiplayer social strategy game a mix between a social network and a strategy game set in virtual version of the real world.” In an elevator pitch session with PDA, The Guardian’s technology blog, he explained that the year-old company was about to begin its first funding round and is aiming to become the world’s leading online strategy game. Most of the world is controlled through a static Web interface closer to a social network profile than a virtual world, but it looks like it’s built on top of the real world, with some ties to Google Earth. (It’s in closed beta, though, so I’m not sure yet). After three months, Erepublik’s tclosed beta has over 12,000 citizens from 43 countries, spending about 14 minutes everyday for roughly  5.5 million monthly page views. More than 5,000 people are on the  waiting list and the company is aiming to open the site over the summer and see 140,000 citizens by the end of the year

Untuk bermain erepublik, kamu harus mendapat invitation dari member yang sudah aktif
Kalo kamu mau gabung, tapi blom dapet invitasi, gw bisa ngasi ke lo

Ym aja ke claudio_antonrifco

langsung gw invite deh



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  1. V says :

    Free invitations available, if needed.

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