Grab ’em flash

Hey, buddy. Have you ever faced this kind of situation ? :

You play a nice flash games from a site like . When you want to download ’em to your computer, you don’t have idea how to do it.

You do?

OK. If that’s your problem, I have a tricky solutions for you. Below, I’ll explain how to do it :

First solution, read page’s html source. In mozilla : View > Page Source (Ctrl + U). Try to find something swf here. Copy the url (that ends with .swf), grab ’em directly using your browser.

Not works? So, you need to read the second solution.

Second solution, download a flash grabber software, for example : softpedia Flash grabber (you can download it on . It is a shareware application. But, you can still using it even without subscription, and no time limitation for unregistered one. After you install one, go to your favorite flash website using MSIE (When I try, Mozilla Firefox cannot detect the application). Right-click on anywhere in web page, then choose ‘Download Flash with Flash Grabber‘. This flash-grabber application will show you all available swf s. Just download any flash you want.


Just do it and Enjoy !


About sisusilo

I was born after we celebrate youngman promise about their commitment to this country

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