Retrieve comments of mySQL tables

do you know that comments in mySQL database/table cannot be retrieved using predefined mySQL query, like create or alter ?

alternately, you can find these commands in database information_schema (by default, mySQL create this database). In this database, find column ‘TABLE_COMMENT’ in a table named ‘TABLES’. Here, you will find comments of every table you create before. Also, you can find another useful information about your database here.

I have created a class that can handle several simple mySQL management activities like that, I call this class mysqlix.

visit : to get more information about this class


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4 responses to “Retrieve comments of mySQL tables”

  1. nitia says :

    waaahhh hebat..hebat…salut ama Anton..:)
    Masih suka men bulutangkis?

  2. antonrifco says :

    masih, selalu maen bulutangkis..
    semester depan rencananya mau buat maen rutin anak2 if
    ikut gak?

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